Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Confidence: Given & Needed

Just as I thought I was done for, my boss swoops in! 

Let me explain.

I had a busy work day yesterday. No time to ask specifics when a coworker told me something about a schedule change. Then I thought about it...OH, the dreaded over-thought thought process! It brought me to a paranoid place that I need not be at 12:25 am, when I needed to get up in just a few short hours.

Thus, I went in today with worry. I had the statements prepared for my defense. So if I got grief for coming in when at 9am, versus the passer-by time given to me the day before: 10/10:30am, I was ready

Fully loaded, I stepped into my coworker's portion of the office, asked for clarification, and was promptly replied with an unexpected smile and giggle. She was slightly tickled that I thought my schedule was getting cut, and that I thought I was getting demoted. Apparently she just wanted to offer up the option for me NOT to work ten hour days. 


The confidence I speak of in this post title came from my boss. He and I were the only two left at the 5 o'clock hour today, and so we chatted a little. I told him of the earlier incident, and he beamed too and said, "Are you kidding me, you work your butt off here! We're not going to cut your hours, Louise just wanted to give you a break!"


I loved it. He has a way of explaining sometimes that makes total sense...like when you're in a bad mood, every comment that comes your way can be misconstrued quite negatively. Almost twisted until it forms a sort of paranoia in the mind of the bad mood-er. 

Well, I didn't realize it, but I needed that boost. And heck, I got it big time! Thanks guys:)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

The 'All' Is in the Small

Simply here to say that what something amounts to is all in the details. Whether it be a business or a piece of art, its the dollars 'n cents and the brush strokes that make up the big picture of success or failure.

Here's Piper, she's a friend of mine's baby. 

Her middle name is Awesome. No joke. 

As you can see, she's already living up to her name well:)

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Hello Out There!

Hi to all the Moms and Maternal Peeps out there!

Welcome to 'Ears to You!:

The site where you Mamas have a voice!

I have a lot of respect for moms and what they do, so I'm turning the floor to you. Tell me how you do it! Hopefully this will help me, as well as other youngsters create another good generation of moms.

I'll write some funky fun articles about what I experience in the world of being a young woman, and hope by these comical anecdotes to relieve some of the stress we all have...with the occasional plot of being informative ;)

I hope everyone who visits this site is entertained by it and feels free to leave at least one piece of advice behind. 

Thanks to YOU!

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